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Get 10% off EVERYTHING by quoting "XMAS21" when contacting me if your wedding is between 01/11 and 01/01
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Get 10% off EVERYTHING by quoting "XMAS21" when contacting me if your wedding is between 01/11 and 01/01
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Watford Wedding Photographer

My values  

Hi. I’m James! Nice to meet you. I’ve been told that weddings are all serious with no time for fun.

I disagree.

I say be who you are and get a photographer to match

We’re all different, and that’s what makes marriage such a great thing; two people agreed that they were fine with whatever crazy sides the other person had. I really like that. That’s why I enjoy showing who you are in photos, or even in video, no matter if you are hopeless romantics, a couple of goof balls, or you spend your nights watching Star Wars for the 45th time. I just want it to be special, especially for you.

James Allen Stewart

Founder. Watford, UK

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Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

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Laura & Nikolaj

An intimate wedding with only close friends and family, full of romance and high spirit

Narine & Kasper

Fields, nature and plenty of fun in the the country side

Khan & Lia

Colours, party, culture and feelings, plus a bit of goofing around

Kim & Jes

A new life and a romantic day with chariots, boats and gorgeous churches

What makes me  different photographer

Your wedding, your rules

Forget about boring wedding pictures and show the world what makes you special. It’s my favourite thing to live out ideas and moods through fantastic creations. You both love The X-files? Well, here’s the result. Check my gallery for all the images and background stories, like Street Fighter, magicians and more.


James was our wedding photographer and made the day extra special with his confident style. It really helped to relax us during a day that could have been very stressfull! When we asked him if he could in some way show that we met at a X-Files convention, little did we know that this was going to be the result. We were BLOWN away by this and can’t thank him enough for making something special for us to keep forever.  We are so grateful that he was nearby as we were searching for a Watford wedding photographer. The pictures were absolutely stunning and we couldn’t be more lucky for having picked James for our wedding. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants something more for their day! xx

- Jessica & Peter Lauritzen

Watford wedding photographer – Hertfordshire wedding photographer

Attention to detail

With all that hard work that goes into making your wedding beautiful, I do my upmost at capturing every little decoration, setting and food in the best way possible

Save the day

Gorgeous dinner rooms deserve gorgeous photos

Make it count

Amazing flower buckets and rings to accompany

A little bit extra

Like having the reflection of you in the wedding rings

Beautiful decorations in photos

Take your wedding day home with you forever

Telling the story of your wedding

The small moments that makes it all special

Cake for days

My favourite part of the day

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