Weddings and me


Every wedding is special.

Every couple has their own story to tell, and I believe it is my job to help them tell it. 
That is why I deeply love my job.
It is showing the world what we are made of, and how truly special we all are.

As a wedding photographer I feel it should be the number one priority to make sure the wedding couple can look back at their wedding day with joy and happy memories, working both as a photographer but also as someone who is there for THEM. 

Attention To Detail

I know weddings take time and preparations. 

Making sure that every decoration and ornament is presented in the best way possible is one of my highest priorities, because I know how important it is to everyone who gave their time and energy to make the wedding special.

And of course, I also just like pretty stuff.

Dreams And Love

Love is a strange thing that few people understand.

It can feel like a dream at times.

This is something I enjoy showing in my pictures.

Creating out-of-this-world visual depictions of what I feel love is gives you unique images to remind you of the bond you have together.

If this sounds like the photographer for you, send me a mail with information about your wedding and I will be happy to work out a wedding package that will be perfect for you