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James Allen Stewart

Hi! Being a Danish-American wedding photographer living in Hertfordshire, Watford, has given me a unique understanding of how to  accommodate a diversity of people and backgrounds.  

I have been doing weddings for seven years, covering close to a hundred weddings. To be honest, I loved every moment of it. It’s by far the best job I could imagine doing and my enthusiasm shows in my work 


The professional portfolio includes three companies, one for fine art, one for actors, models and cosplayers. I like to stay occupied. 

My background is as a trained photographer and designer. I am also an avid practitioner of music, love nerdy things. Additionally, I like to keep myself physically and socially active. I also have a pug. That usually does something for someone.


Almost magic

Personal, vibrant and quality conscious photographer

Many would describe my style as being straight out of a fairy tale. I guess that is not totally off.
I love to have a chat with the couple to get a sense of who they are, and even more important; who they are together, as I want the images to live up to their expectations both quality wise as well as style wise.


Experienced and reliable photographer

Goes the extra mile

There is nothing that a couple will fear more than the thought of having something go wrong on their wedding day. This is why it is my highest priority to make sure that the photography is on point and that everything goes according to plan. I make sure to cover all decorations and details that make your wedding unique. Likewise, I also make sure that family members have had their photos so grandpa Rick can look at his pretty smile after the wedding.

I often find myself being as much a companion as a photographer throughout the wedding as someone who has attended close to a hundred weddings, therefor seeing everything that needs extra attention. It’s important to become someone to consult with and gain support, trying to prevent anything from going wrong. I promise that if I see that wedding cake being dropped, flying across the room, I will extend my hand (or camera) towards it in an attempt to rescue it. Mostly because it was probably delicious.  


For everyone 

Love is as diverse as we are

Our differences are what make life beautiful, and it is up to us to embrace this – no matter who you are, no matter where you are from, what you do, as long as you love me. Wait, wrong song.   

Through my gallery, you will see romantic pictures, quirky pictures, casual pictures, stylish pictures and even dark pictures. It all depends on who the couple is and what they represent as a couple.


Whether you want a formal wedding or a you just feel like having a casual wedding while goofing around with the people you love, we will adapt the style to fit the exact mood you had envisioned for your unique day. I’ve had Star Wars weddings, circus weddings, superhero weddings, boat weddings, you name it. 

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